Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Latest on the Kitch

Oh I almost forgot....we picked up the countertops and the sink on Monday! Also picked up a kitchen island storage thingy (I know, very technical huh?). We've started taking off the bottom cabinets and hopefully we'll start tearing out the floor pronto. So, the kitchen once again looks like a disaster area, except for the upper cabs that look beautiful!

I'll take some pictures of the progress this weekend and post on Monday! Have a great week everyone!

XO, Laura

I'm On A Diet!

I'm on The Great American Apparel Diet

You are all probably scratching your heads right now wonderful what the heck I'm doing on a diet!'s not that kind of diet. It's a clothing diet! A NO SHOPPING FOR 365 DAYS kind of diet!

Why am I doing this? Because it will be fun? NOOOOOO. It will be hard. And I am (oddly?) looking forward to the challenge. It's going to force me to get creative with the clothing I already own. So...when I'm not blogging here about the house projects...I'll be over at blogging about my clothing diet! Feelin' a little crazy too? JOIN ME!