Wednesday, June 10, 2009

And the winner is.....

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Just wanted to give major kudos to Amber for being my first and ONLY comment on the blog. Amber you are awesome and I'm giving you and your adorable baby girl hugs right now :)

To fill in all of my imaginary readers...a quick update on what's been happening. I. AM. STILL. PAINTING. CABINETS. Boo.

What I have finally decided to do is paint the upper cabinets white and the lower cabinets black. Both will be lightly distressed and have new hardware. I think this will keep the kitchen feeling open and spacious while still giving me the black cabinets that I dream about! So...the uppers are in the shop being painted and the lower cabinets will have to wait their turn. Did I mention that we still have to cook/store things in the kitchen? So I have taken every extra piece of kitchen gadgetry out of the cabinets that I don't use daily...and all of our pans/dishes/food/utensils are shoved (literally!) into the lower cabinets! Yikes...what a mess!

Hope everyone is having a happy day!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hey...One more thing

Humor me people. I've been feeling like I'm writing this blog to my imaginary friends....because NO ONE posts any comments! What's up with that?!

It's really easy to post a comment...actually easier than becoming a "follower." All you have to do is click on the "0 Comments" at the bottom of post...and voila! Type me a comment (please be nice!) and hit submit. Hopefully though, the button at the bottom of the post won't always say "0 comments!" Haha!
By the way...THANK YOU Trina and Heather for becoming followers :) Loves to you both!

I need comments stat! :)

Permanent Drywall Nose

Drywall dust. Hate. It.

We have been living in filth for weeks (months?) now and I honestly can't say when the last time I mopped the floor. What's the point right? It feels like I would just be wasting my very precious time...and we know that every waking moment (that we're not at our "jobs") we spend working on the kitchen. Who's bright idea was this remodel project anyways?! Oops. I'm guilty. :)

Here's the breakdown of what we've been doing:
    • Drywall is ALMOST done...we are so close!

    • Old tile backsplash is all gone.

    • Cabinets doors and hardware are off.

    • Upper cabinets are sitting in the shop waiting to be sanded and painted :) Yay!
    • All the lighting is up and working! (except pantry)
What are the next steps you ask?
  • Finish drywall. I am so ready for this part to be done.

  • Texture. About as fun as drywall! But after that is painting the walls, which I oddly love to do!

  • Finish garbage drawers/pantry/refrig built in.

  • Sand, paint, rehang, add hardware to cabs. (I'm really nervous about this project.)

After that my brain is hurting and I really can't believe that we've undertaken this huge project ourselves. WTF!

Now for the dirty....look at the messy mess I live in! But...on a positive note, I think this project is curing me of my cleaning OCD. Which I'd imagine makes me a much more enjoyable person to live with. You guys will have to ask Nick :)

This is the crap that has been in my nose for weeks!!And some monster rhodies are in full bloom!
Good nite everyone...Roo sends kisses!